Enjoy New Freedom and Savings

Build a Bundle Your Way

2015-04-27_1148Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative customers can now have the control and discounts of creating a customized bundle of phone, long-distance, Internet and television services.

“We have heard so many positive comments from our customers about the savings they are now seeing and the control of exactly what’s in their bundle,” says Lisa Fannin, MRTC’s director of marketing and public relations.

The Build a Bundle Your Way plan was a response to customers who requested greater freedom of choice and product flexibility. Also, combining plans can lower monthly bills.

Choosing phone and two additional services will provide $10 in monthly discounts. Customers who choose phone and three additional services will save $15 monthly over signing up for the services separately.

Lisa Collins, an insurance agent in West Liberty, switched to MRTC’s bundle late last year from another television provider. Not only did the change provide benefits such as faster Internet, but it also brought about $30 in monthly savings.

“I love it,” she says. “It’s a good bundle to have, and a lot less money than I was paying before.”

The basic residential phone plan includes free local calling to Elliott, Menifee, Morgan, Wolfe and a portion of Bath counties. Including free caller ID, pricing begins at $24.

Then, the new Build a Bundle Your Way plan allows customers to tailor long distance, Internet and television packages to fit their interests and budget.
“If you are already an MTTV customer, call us today and one of our customer service reps will make sure you’re getting the most out of your MTTV experience,” Fannin says.