Go for the Mountain Telephone Peanut Butter Grand Slam

Help feed the hungry!

Support food pantries in Elliott, Menifee, Morgan and Wolfe counties.

Just drop off a jar of peanut butter at Mountain Telephone’s office in West Liberty. Each jar donated in July earns five chances to win a set of four tickets to see the Cincinnati Reds!

That’s right. Donate more peanut butter to increase your chances of going to a Reds game on us.

At the end of July, donated peanut butter will be divided between food pantries in the four counties we serve. Peanut butter can help individuals and families stretch their meals. Peanut butter is high in protein, tasty and has a long shelf life, which is why the food pantries have asked for it.

Join Mountain Telephone in supporting the hungry.

Donate now & enter the drawing for Reds tickets!

Remember, each jar of peanut butter you donate will give you another five chances to win tickets to see the Cincinnati Reds! Don’t wait; donate today!