Mountain names a new assistant general manager

Quentin Murphy is Mountain’s new assistant general manager.

Quentin Murphy is Mountain’s new assistant general manager.

Quentin Murphy embraces the role

Growing up on the family farm in Morgan County’s Ezel community, Quentin Murphy’s family relied on a green, rotary dial phone attached to the wall to connect to friends and family. Mountain Telephone made it possible.
“In rural areas, there was no interest from larger companies to establish phone service,” Murphy says. “That was the only means of communication in and out of those small communities, and we only had that because of the cooperative. Those services were vital.”

Now, Murphy is in a position to help guide Mountain Telephone as it continues to provide essential services, such as reliable telephone, high-quality television and broadband Internet.
Murphy, a 14-year veteran of the company with firsthand experience working with members of the cooperative, was recently named Mountain’s assistant general manger.

He believes Mountain’s place in the community is as, if not more, vital than ever. For example, fast Internet access allows people to use distance learning to earn college degrees — without ever leaving home.
Farmers, many of whom rely on equipment decades old, can take advantage of online opportunities to buy and trade equipment, transactions that would be impossible without fast Internet service, Murphy says.

The cooperative also provides more than communications services. Mountain supports a range of community organizations. “I don’t think there’s a company that’s done more for the community and the youth than Mountain Telephone has,” he says.

Murphy, who earned a degree from Morehead State University, and his wife, Jenny, have one daughter, Olivia, 6.