Rewarding students

Mountain Telephone helped 17 deserving high school seniors attend college by awarding scholarships totaling $51,000 this year.

From this year’s applicants, an independent committee selected four students each from Morgan, Menifee, Elliott and Wolfe counties and one student from Bath County with $3,000 each to offset the cost of tuition and books.

The scholarships are awarded based on grade point average and a written essay.

Mountain has awarded scholarships since 1988, when it first partnered with Morehead State University. Through the partnership, the students must attend MSU. Mountain will pay half of the scholarship funds, and MSU will cover the remainder. Over the past 25 years, Mountain has awarded scholarships to more than 400 students.

“We really want to reward hardworking and dedicated students in our community,” says Shayne Ison, general manager at MRTC. “Thanks to a partnership with Morehead State, we are able to accomplish this and give them the help they deserve.”

The scholarship amount was $2,500 per year from 1988 to 2009. Beginning with the 2010 graduating class, the scholarship amount increased to $3,000 per year.

This year’s winners are:

  • Olyvia Adkins, Elliott County High School
  • Desirae Bailey, Wolfe County High School
  • Nicholas Clevenger, Morgan County High School
  • Morgan Crouch, Bath County High School
  • Allegra Howard, Morgan County High School
  • Tabitha Holbrook, Elliott County High School
  • Sienna Ison, Elliott County High School
  • Noah Kelsey, Morgan County High School
  • Courtney Lewis, Wolfe County High School
  • Logan Nickell, Elliott County High School
  • Hannah Sexton, Morgan County High School
  • Madison Shepherd, Menifee County High School
  • Tamera Stidham, Menifee County High School
  • Sydney Taulbee, Wolfe County High School
  • Brooklyn Tolson, Wolfe County High School
  • Jacob Valerio, Menifee County High School
  • Andrew Wells, Menifee County High School